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UBS 2.0 Base Station

Innovative and advanced engineering architecture




Cyber Security Solutions

National and Global Cyber Security Approaches on Broadband Communication

Advanced and Secure SDN/NFV Based Network Solutions

Meet Our Advanced SDN/NFV Based Network Solutions

Base Band Unit BBU is the unit of all software configurations run, including LTE Layer 1-2-3 layer software The product, which has 4x4 20 MHz LTE capacity, can perform Radio Resource Management (RRM) operations. Up to 18 CPRI connections can be supported in order to communicate with the RRU Remote Radio Unit.

The processes required for the propagation of high frequency signals are performed in the RRU, which is called the Remote Radio Unit. The device, which can support 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz channel bandwidths, has 2x2 and 4x4 options according to its receiver and transmitter quantities. RRU can provide up to 4x40W RF output power.

Using the OAM server, the RRU Remote Radio Unit and the Basic Tape Unit BBU units can be managed remotely for base station operations.

Global Solutions on
Broadband Technologies

With the technologies we have developed in the domestic and international arena, we now take place in the world market with our products


Algorithms and software designed with innovative methods by MİLAT - National Network Technologies project will provide the highest level of information security.


With ULAK - 4.5G LTE Macrocell Base Station project, high technology communication systems will continue to be designed with advanced facilities and R&D studies related to 5G base station will be carried out.


Within the scope of ÇINAR project, SDN and NFV based 5G ready core network (EPC) development will be provided.