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Broadband communication systems consist of four main components:

User Equipment (UE)

The User Equipment (UE) is a hardware device contains operating system and software applications.

Access Network

The 5G access network is a carrier network infrastructure that transmits end user traffic to core network and gives the user access to the 5G services. Access networks should be more intelligent and programmable for 5G standards fulfilment.

For more information about the features of the base station that is included in the portfolio of ULAK Communications Inc Please Click.


The backhaul network consists of forwarding switches and routers that transmit information from the access network to core network. In Legacy communication systems, these devices were vendor dependent because there were special hardware used for certain tasks that were processed by these devices. In this case the vendors could transmit the information as they wished. In next generation backhaul networks, switches and routers are not specific hardware and are they are simplified. Thus they can be controlled by the central controller. In addition to simplifying switches and routers, network functions are virtualized. Thus, network components can handle jobs according to user requirements.

For more information about these technological concepts, namely SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Please Click.

Core Network

The core network is the part of a network that connects the different parts of the access network. The core network also provides the gateway to other networks.
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