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Smart network infrastructure

High tech. and engineering have met with the intelligent network infrastructure.
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Targets & Future

ULAK Communication; In order for our country to be ready for this transformation, national end-to-end intelligent network infrastructures need to be developed. Accordingly, our main objectives

  • Education and high competence labor
  • Both Software and Hardware Development
  • To increase the quality gap between competitors in the world
  • Accessibility
  • Support high technology in every domain
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ULAK Communication

We realize that global communication is a very important issue. For this reason ULAK Communications continues to work without interruption in the field of 5G with national opportunities and domestic engineering. 

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Nationalization & ULAK Communication


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Fully Equipped and Accessible


Intelligent Network Infrastructures

Beyond the transformation of the mobile broadband networks, “5G” will be the technological transformation that will provide intelligent network and service capabilities to all communication infrastructures (mobile, fixed, satellite) that were not present in the past. 5G infrastructure will ensure the continuity of the Quality of Experience (QoE) by providing seamless, fast and secure communications especially in the regions where there is insufficient mobile network infrastructure, in high mobility environments and in the heterogeneous networks where there are multiple radio access technologies coexist. 5G is also the technology, which will connect variety of IoT sensors, devices and networks under the strict transmission and energy requirements.